24 Times the 'Teen Mom' Dads Showed Off Their Tattoos

CafeMom Contributors | Jan 26, 2018 TV

javi marroquin tattoos arm

Tattoos can sometimes leave people divided. Some folks love 'em, while some people would never dream of sporting ink on their own bodies. When it comes to the dads of the Teen Mom universe, well, it appears that many of them are in the former camp. And many of them are more than happy to show off their tats -- and the progress of said tats -- all over their social media pages. In many ways, it's fascinating to watch the evolution of the ink.

Some of these reality-star dads got ink related to heir kiddos. Some honored other passions of theirs. Some mixed it up. But either way, all of them have ink that's definitely worth noticing.

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From Tyler Baltierra to Javi Marroquin, to the controversial Adam Lind and the fan-fave Taylor McKinney, all the way to Jenelle's ex Nathan Griffith, these Teen Mom fathers know how to keep people watching and talking when it comes to their tattoos. 

And they're definitely not shy when it comes to showing off the personal art adorning the different parts of their bodies.

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So read ahead and check out these intriguing works of body art. It might just make some folks feel like going out and getting their own tats. Let us know if it ends up being an unexpected inspiration!

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