The Bachelor: Arie Luyendyk's Reaction to Bekah's Age Isn't What We Expected


Well, well, well -- we're only a few weeks into The Bachelor, and already, this season is providing a refreshing escape-from-reality-dose-of-drama. The backstabbing has started. The claws are coming out. Girls are accusing each other of "glam shaming" (more on that later). And of course, the fact that front-runner Bekah is only 22 years old has pretty much everyone all bent out of shape.

  • OMG. People seriously need to calm down a little.


    Okay, so she's 22. But when ABC first started intriguing us with the whole mystery surrounding her age, I half expected her to be like 19 or something. And while a 22-year-old girl is young enough to be my kid (or I'm old enough to be her mom, or whatever), can we just go ahead and admit that at 22, this woman seems to have her act together more than, well ... most 22-year-olds?

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  • She's articulate. She's smart. She's independent. And so far, she isn't a drama queen.


    And up until last night's episode, Arie seemed so infatuated with her, he didn't know what to do with himself. Until the whole, "Guess what? I'm only 22" thing came up. Um ... did we actually hear Arie say, "I don't want a 22-year-old girlfriend, I want a wife ..."?!?

    I mean, I kinda get where he's coming from, given the fact that most of us didn't know who in the hell we were, let alone who we wanted to marry, when we were that age. But isn't he being just a little bit of a hypocrite by zeroing in on that number and pushing the chemistry he has with her to the wayside?

  • Yeah, yeah, I know he did wind up giving her the rose after their one-on-one date.

    But he seems so totally convinced that the fact that she's 22 somehow means there's probably no way the two of them will work out, you know, because he's "soooo old and boring" at 36 and doesn't like to sleep in anymore.

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    Okay, so I'll be the first to admit that at first, I wasn't completely sold on Bekah. She almost seemed overconfident, or something. But then last night when she came right out and told him that you have to take a chance with love, and that you don't get any sort of reassurance up front that the relationship is going to end in marriage, she got me, hook, line, and sinker.

  • Because when it comes to true love, isn't that what we're all hoping for?


    Something that's pure. Something that's real. Something that's unscripted. Something that happens naturally and just sort of flows. Without knowing exactly how it's all going to play out, but being up for the ride, regardless of where it leads. (Like a reality show. Duh.)

    And there you have it. Somehow I've ended up on #TeamBekah. Sorry, Arie -- I love ya and I'm certainly rooting for you to find the wife that you want so bad, but if you don't start leading with your heart instead of your head, you might be in for a pretty rude awakening. Just sayin'.

  • One final thought -- can I get a round of applause for Chelsea?


    You go right ahead and defend your pro-glam status, girl. Sure, Marikh may have tried to label you as a glam shamer, but we just aren't buying it for one second. (But seriously -- who uses a compass as a mirror?) Please.