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15 Times Chelsea DeBoer Gave Us Winter Style Goals

TV Nicole Fabian-Weber Jan 25, 2018

chelsea houska

Let's face it -- most us look like crap during the colder months. Our skin is dry. Our lips are chapped. And our style? Eh, it usually winds up more "being wrapped up in whatever's warmest" than, well, chic. As for Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer, though? Not so much. Fall and winter definitely are Chelsea's most stylish months. 

Perhaps she only posts her most fashionable, best-lit photos to Instagram, but we kind of doubt it. Chelsea's cold weather style is on point. She's got loads of cool beanies (that look good on her), a boatload of sweet outwear, and for whatever reason, her hair and skin still look shiny and dewy when the temperatures drop. What gives?

Whatever Chelsea's doing, we're into it. Also, we want a piece. Get those pens and papers ready, people! It's time to take notes. Notes on Chelsea's style, that is. From uber-cute holiday get-ups to outfits that are just really cool for the fall and winter, here are 15 photos of Chelsea looking hot in cold weather. When we grow up, we want to be Chelsea. 

2Girls' Night In

Why does Chelsea look so cute in leggings, slippers, and a hoodie while we ... don't?

3Beanie & Boo

Is it possible for Chels to look any cuter (or cooler) in her leather jacket and beanie? Love!

5One More Time for the Cheap Seats

Obviously, Chelsea is the reigning queen of slouchy knit beanies with pom-poms on top. 

6The Formula

Chelsea's formula for cool cold-weather style? A leather jacket, warm pants, a cute hat, sunglasses, and hot dude on your arm. Simple. 

8Casual Vibes

Ripped jeans and a super thick hooded sweatshirt obviously are a recipe for stylish wintertime success. For Chelsea, at least. 

9All Dewy, All the Time

How does Chelsea's skin look so supple in the colder months when there's approximately zero humidity in the air? How?!?!

11Lumberjack Love

We're seriously into Chelsea's lumberjack-print hat and all-black outfit. Très chic, mama!

12An Oversized (Really Oversized!) Scarf

Even though we can't see her face here, it's no secret that this super-chunky, super-oversized scarf is where it's at. As well as those barstools. 

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