'The Bachelor': Krystal's Huge Mistake Probably Just Cost Her Arie's Heart


We're only a couple weeks into the latest season of The Bachelor, and already, the claws are coming out as far as these women competing for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s affections. Sure ... the girls slowly start turning against each other no matter who the Bachelor is, but something about Arie has clearly stirred the cat fights in the house even more. And after last night's episode, it looks as though Chelsea has lost her title as resident villain (for now), and a new contender has emerged.

  • Look out, ladies -- here comes Krystal, the fitness trainer who initially stole our hearts with her tales of feeding the homeless.


    OMG. Who else thought this chick was about as sugary-sweet as it gets after the premiere and her one-on-one date with Arie? Girl has all the makings of being America's sweetheart -- from the heartbreaking story about her brother living on the streets, to her soft-spoken, breathy voice -- right down to how she didn't want to kiss and tell after Arie took her home to Scottsdale. (#keepitclassy)

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  • Yep -- she almost nailed the sweetheart gig. Until last night, when she made a key mistake that positioned her as the one everyone hates in the house.


    OMG. We get it. She's mature. And she has her sh** together (as far as we can tell). She's here to find true love. And duh -- Arie is totally into her and she feels like she has a stronger connection with him than any of the other girls, you know, because she met his dog before anyone else. (Fair enough.)

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    But the moment she decided to go from staying tight-lipped to becoming the resident dating coach in the house, Krystal sealed her fate, and there's no way she's going to wind up with a ring on her finger at the end of this thing.

  • Nope. Not even close.


    The minute she began instructing the other women in the house on how to make the most of their time with Arie, she basically earned herself a ticket straight to Bachelor in Paradise. Oh come on ... anyone who has seen any other season of The Bachelor knows exactly how this is going to play out.

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    She'll start telling Arie how the other girls are mean to her and aren't seeing the "real Krystal," and she'll go on and on about how alone she feels. And then he'll comfort her for a while -- until one by one, the other chicks start coming up to him and telling her what a big, mean old bully Krystal is. And whether he believes them or not, as a 36-year-old dude who isn't into the whole drama thing, he'll send her packing in favor of starting a life with someone a little less controversial. (Mark my words.)

    Of course, Krystal isn't the only one who wound up with a brutal dose of reality this week.

  • Oh ... Annaliese. We feel for ya.


    It's one thing to be dumped by the Bachelor. But to be dumped by a dude who is not only the Bachelor, but is also known as "The Kissing Bandit," and pretty much swaps spit with anyone with a pulse ... except for you? (Wayyyyyy harsh, Arie.) 

    Yeah. Get this gal a ticket to paradise along with Krystal. She needs a major do-over as far as this reality show franchise is concerned.