Tyler Baltierra Makes an Announcement About His Dad


Tyler and Butch

Tyler Baltierra's dad, Butch, has been through a lot on Teen Mom over the years, but it sounds like his struggle isn't over yet. In a new clip from Monday's episode, Tyler reveals his dad needs to go back to rehab, and it seems that it's a really difficult time for everyone involved. 

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  • In the clip, Tyler and Catelynn are talking about Butch when he lets it slip that he needs to discuss going back to rehab with his dad -- even though it's something he's obviously not happy about.

    "I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm always going to feel angry about it," Tyler said.

  • Tyler also opened up about how he and Catelynn created a safe space for themselves after growing up around addicts.

    It had to be very difficult for them to grow up with Butch and April, but like Tyler said, it made him and Catelynn want to create something different for themselves when they grew up. "We're in control of what's happening in our environment," he said. "I think from us two kids, it's something we really wanted growing up." 

  • We hope Tyler and Butch can work through this stuff together.

  • They've come really far from the way their relationship used to be, so hopefully all isn't lost.

    We'll be interested to see how things play out from here, but we wish all the best for Butch as he gets the help he needs.