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All the Nasty Things Kailyn Lowry & Briana DeJesus Have Said About Each Other

TV CafeMom Contributors Jan 5, 2018

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In the Teen Mom universe, drama is a given. Whether the stars are fighting with their parents, their significant others, or even their fans, there's always a bit of craziness going on -- but what about when it's the stars fighting with one another? We've seen Jenelle and Farrah get into fights with each other and with the other ladies of the series, but there's a whole new feud a-brewin', and it happens to involve Kailyn Lowry and the newest Teen Mom 2 mama to hit the scene: Briana DeJesus.

Yep, it's true -- these two lovely ladies may be pretty as a picture, but when it comes to each other? Well, they don't play so nice. And their claws have come out.

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It doesn't help, of course, that Briana is now dating Javi Marroquin -- yep, the same Javi Marroquin who was married to Kailyn and shares a son named Lincoln with her. 

That would probably cause a stir among any costars, no?

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Well, it turns out Kail and Bri have taken their feud public, with jabs on social media and comments to reporters that definitely prove there is a bit of bad blood there. 

So without further ado, let us take a closer look at the Kailyn vs. Briana saga. As all the evidence of their fighting is examined, let us know: Team Kail or Team Bri?

Hopefully these ladies can find a way to get along!

2#IWon Part 2

Yep, turns out Kailyn *definitely* noticed Briana's original Instagram caption. Or maybe a friend pointed it out to her. Either way, she definitely was hitting back with her tweet here.

3Kail's Words of Wisdom to Bri

Looks like Kailyn had more to say about the Briana-Javi hookup. In this tweet, it appears that Kail is advising a certain unnamed individual (ahem, Briana, ahem) to maybe steer clear of finding love with a coworker. 

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4Ratings Jab

Ouch! Kailyn told a fan on Twitter that the ratings for Teen Mom 2 have declined since newbie Briana was introduced to the long-running popular show. That's gotta hurt.

5Bri Leaks Kail's Texts

Briana wasn't about to sit and take the jabs from Kail quietly. Bri showed she's playing no games when she leaked texts between Kailyn and Javi in which Kail sounded just a tad bitter that Javi was taking Bri to the same places he'd taken Kail before.

7Kail's Fightin' Words for Bri

A source close to Kailyn apparently told OK! magazine: "[Kailyn] feels really bad that [Briana's] so ignorant." Whoa! That's a blow for sure...

8Cast Drama?

The same source told OK!: "Nobody on the show really likes [Briana]." Dang! Is Kail letting her pals spill this stuff to the media, or is it made up? Hmm...

9Quittin' the Books

Kailyn and Javi had big plans to co-write a book together called He Said, She Said, about how their relationship fell apart. But Kail changed her tune, telling news outlets that the project was kaput. Think it might have something to do with a little animosity toward Javi's new relationship with Bri? "I wanted to keep our co-parenting relationship intact and didn’t want to make any significant others uncomfortable," Kail mentioned to Us Weekly.

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