Matt Baier Is in Serious Financial Trouble After Splitting With Amber Portwood


The gravy train has left the station! After years of mooching off Amber Portwood's Teen Mom fame and fortune, it looks like Matt Baier isn't doing so well on his own. According to reports, Matt has reportedly been evicted from his Las Vegas apartment.

  • You're shocked, we know.

    Radar Online obtained the court docs from the Las Vegas Justice Court, which stated that Matt began renting an apartment last July for $1,195 a month. He also put down a security deposit of $525.

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  • It only took two months for him to become delinquent on his payments.

    The complaint stated, "Rental payments became delinquent on September 4, 2017 and the tenant has remained in possession without payment of rent since that date ... The amount of rent claimed due and delinquent is $636."

    Baier was served with a five-day notice to pay up on September 14, and was officially ordered to evict on October 6. He told Radar that the eviction "was a joke."

  • It seems as though Matt was relying pretty completely on Ambs to pay his bills.

    And then some. On a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber admitted that Matt had stolen thousands from her over the course of their relationship. "Within the last three years we've been together, tallying everything up, it's been $120,000 that I have no clue where it went," she confessed. ".... I just realized he's sending his daughter money that's not even his money!"

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    And that's not even including the free room and board, vacations, and all the other little luxuries provided by Amber and MTV.
  • Poor Matt. It's hardly the only legal drama in is life right now.

    Apparently, Matt's brand new wife, Jennifer Conlon, was arrested just days before their November wedding. On November 7, Conlon was arrested for "DUI drugs chemicals organic solvent, no driver’s license in possession and red traffic signal position/method." She and Matt tied the knot on November 27.

    Hopefully these two can work out their financial and legal drama, because one thing is hopefully for sure -- Ambs isn't going to be bailing them out.