Adam Lind Has Reportedly Been Charged With Four Counts of Assault


adam lind

Considering this Teen Mom 2 star's recent arrest record, we should have seen this news coming. Adam Lind has reportedly been charged with four counts of domestic assault -- yes, four -- and it sounds like this is just the beginning of his legal troubles.

  • According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the charges all include the intent to cause bodily harm -- and in some cases, he actually did.

    In two of the charges, Adam "recklessly" and "intentionally" caused bodily harm to another person, and in one, he was charged with having the intent and ability to cause harm. And in one of the charges, Adam was "attempting by physical menace or credible threat to put another in fear of imminent bodily harm, with or without the actual ability to harm the other person." 

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  • The site reports that Adam is due to appear in court on December 21 and January 18, and he's planning to change his plea.

  • These are pretty scary charges, especially since his ex Stasia Huber was recently granted a protection order against him.

    There's no word on whether she is involved in this latest set of charges, but it's probably for the best that he has to stay away. 

  • One thing's for sure, though -- these charges definitely aren't going to help the custody issues he's going to face from Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer.

    She's already been open about the fact that she doesn't think Aubree spending time around Adam right now is a good idea -- and that's when she was just worried about his drug addiction. Hopefully he's able to get it together for her and his other daughter, Paislee, soon. They've had to deal with enough daddy drama.