16 Times Chelsea DeBoer Wowed With Her Post-Baby Bod

CafeMom Contributors | Dec 22, 2017 TV

chelsea houska and aubree

Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer is the famous bestie we never had. The Teen Mom 2 star has always been a fan favorite, and it's so easy to understand why: She's fun, she's sweet, she's a great mom, and she's also #goals in so many different ways. One of those ways? Fitness inpo, of course. This mom has worked her tail off to get into amazing shape after the birth of her second child, baby Watson, and it's been inspiring and amazing watching her journey!

How does she do it?! Two kids later, Chelsea is in the best shape of her dang life. She's always been beautiful, of course. And of course it doesn't matter what a mom's weight is, before, during, or after baby. Moms should be celebrated for the Super Women that they are. They've created life, and they deserve to be celebrated for all that they are -- no matter what they happen to look like. 

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Still, it doesn't mean we can't look at our girl Chels and appreciate how fit she is, and how healthy and happy she seems to be these days. She is seriously glowing, and we love to see it. Chelsea just radiates positive energy -- it's contagious. Don't believe us? Just scroll these fab photos and see what we mean.

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Chels, spill your secrets, please! We're begging here!

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