Farrah Abraham Makes a Vile Statement About the 'Teen Mom OG' Cast

farrah abraham

Farrah Abraham has never been shy about letting the world know how she feels about her Teen Mom OG costars, but this time, she's taking it to another level. After Monday night's new episode, Farrah slammed Catelynn and Tyler on Twitter, and she's making it personal. 

  • Lately Farrah has been all about sharing exactly what she thinks about "Teen Mom" and MTV, and she's definitely not holding back.

    This time, she decided to lash out at her costars, being especially cruel to Catelynn and Tyler, who have been open in the past about the fact that they aren't fans of Farrah.

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  • Along with a GIF of herself taken from her big fight with Amber Portwood, Farrah let EVERYTHING off her chest:

  • She REALLY let it all out there. Claiming that Tyler is gay and that Catelynn is still smoking weed? That might be taking it a little TOO far, especially since Catelynn just got out of treatment for having suicidal thoughts.

    We have no idea where she's getting this stuff from, either, but WOW.

  • Catelynn hasn't responded, but Tyler has, and it sounds like he's taking the high road on this one.

    Way to go, Tyler. Maybe if he and Cate don't give her the reaction she's looking for, Farrah will back off. Or, you know, maybe not. She's been extra sassy lately, after all.

  • It's totally Farrah's prerogative to share her thoughts on her fellow cast members, but this was taking it really far.


    No word on whether or not she's done spilling tea that may or may not be true, but knowing Farrah, more drama is probably on the way. What could she possibly have up her sleeve next?