Raven Gates & Adam Gottschalk Have Fans Convinced They're Already Engaged


Is she finally getting her happily ever after? Former Bachelor contestant Raven Gates raised eyebrows on social media this week, after she tweeted about a wedding planner. Does this mean that she and Bachelor in Paradise sweetheart Adam Gottschalk have decided to tie the knot?

  • The brunette beauty insinuated in a tweet that she may have a need for a wedding planner.

    There haven't been any official announcements from the couple, who met on the set of last summer's Bachelor in Paradise. On the reunion show, they didn't get engaged like the season's other couple, Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan, but they made it clear that they were in a loving and committed relationship. 

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    We can't help but wonder if he decided to put a ring on it! 

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  • Engaged or not, it's clear these two are in love.

    Raven recently bragged on Instagram about how she knew Adam was the man for her. "I knew I was gonna keep Adam around the first weekend we spent together outside of paradise. we met in Memphis & had a blast that weekend (after the initial awkward moment we realized okay this isn't paradise anymore... this is our REAL lives)," she shared. "I just couldn't believe how sweet, kind hearted and loving he was. that was the first time in a long time I felt safe enough to fall in love. I hope everyone finds an Adam." 

  • Or maybe if they're not engaged already, it will happen over Christmas?

    Even though they've been dealing with a long-distance relationship, Raven and Adam have been spending a lot of time together -- including over the holidays. They spent Thanksgiving weekend together in Seattle, and attended a wedding together in Arizona in early December. 

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  • We're just saying -- we're officially on #RingWatch for these two lovebirds.

    No pressure, Adam.