Ryan Edwards Struggles to See Bentley After Admitting to Using Heroin


It doesn't look like the animosity between Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards is going to end anytime soon. On this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, Bentley's parents argued over his visitation rights to him after Ry got back from a 30-day stint in rehab.

  • Understandably, Maci wanted Ryan to submit to a drug test before he got to spend time with their 8-year-old son.

    Maci told a friend that her lawyer was sending Ry a letter about the new drug test stipulation for visitation, and she read aloud a text she had sent him personally. She wrote, “I’ll need you to pass a drug screening, hair and urine, at my expense immediately prior to you taking [Bentley] for a visit.” 

    Ryan didn't respond to the text, and later he told his own lawyer that Maci was refusing to communicate with him. Something is obviously fishy here, since MTV showed the screen of Maci's phone, and she had clearly texted someone about the drug testing. Either she lied about the text being to Ryan, or (more likely) Ryan lied about getting the text. He just doesn't have the gratest track record for telling the truth, is all we're saying.

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    In another heartbreaking scene, Ryan's parents talked about what it meant to them to have him in rehab for 30 days. They said that they "weren't stupid," and had known "something was going on" during their son's drugs use. They said, "But anytime we confronted him, we’d get in an argument and he would leave." They also seemed to blame Maci for his problems, saying, "We’ve learned what some of the triggers are … You use Bentley? That's a trigger."

    Well OK then. We tend to blame Ryan for his drug problem, but you know. He is their only son. By the way, we finally got to see Ryan confess on camera that he had been addicted to heroin. Honestly, we hope that he's sincerely kicked the habit since this was filmed last July. 

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  • Also on this week's episode, Amber finally (FINALLY) kicked Matt to the curb for good.

    The two met up in Los Angeles to film Marriage Boot Camp, and though MTV cameras weren't allowed to follow them, Teen Mom fans know how that ended up going down. After Amber came home alone, she explained to a producer that she had to say goodbye. She said, “We went there to help our relationship … and it didn't go well because he would lie. So I broke up with him one night.”

    Since then, Ambs has of course gotten pregnant with new boyfriend Andrew Glennon (whom she met on the set of MBC, by the way), and Matt even got married, so we have a lot to look forward to watching now that their on-screen relationship has officially ended. 

  • Over in Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra's world, they managed to crash a website with their new business venture.

    On this week's ep, Nova's parents launched their children's clothing line, Tierra Reign. Unfortunately, Ty and Cate didn't realize they'd need to purchase a big enough server to handle their millions of social media followers flocking to the site, so the whole thing was down for about 24 hours.

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    Eventually they got up and running though, and even though 2-year-old Nova managed to make packaging a bigger chore than it needed to be by jumping in the wrapping paper, they eventually sold out of the their stock and hit the lake in a boat with some friends. 

  • Then there was Farrah Abraham, who spent the majority of the episode warning her dad to keep her daughter away from her mom.

    Farrah was getting ready for a monthlong trip overseas, and explained that the last time she left Sophia with Debra Danielsen, things didn't go so well. This time she was going to leave Soph with Michael and his wife, and she spent a lot of time going over the rules for them and her daughter. For Michael it was basically to have no contact with Deb, and Sophia was warned several times not to play hide-and-seek. 

    You keep doing you, Farrah!