Fans Accuse Farrah Abraham of Mistreating Her Dogs

farrah abraham

Ready for the latest Farrah Abraham controversy? This time around, it's about animals -- again. After Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, some fans are accusing Farrah of animal abuse, and it happened in such a short scene you may have missed it.

  • Farrah Abraham (and her daughter, Sophia) have always been huge fans of dogs, but it seems like she may not be treating some of her pups nicely.

    In the episode, Farrah was talking to her dad, Michael, and her dogs were barking, so she sprayed them with a water bottle -- and it appeared that her dogs were being crated for the entire time she was staying with her dad while she was looking for a new house in LA.

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  • And as Teen Mom Talk Now initially pointed out, fans were pretty disturbed by that scene and immediately took to Reddit to discuss it.

  • Some people were certainly upset with Farrah, but others came to her defense, saying things may not be as bad as they look.

    This fan does have a good point. Who is to say this is abuse? Crating works for some dogs. 

  • Plus, we have no idea what the real situation is.

    Maybe the dogs had been crated for five minutes. Maybe this is what works for her family. Nobody knows for sure. What we do know is that she has been accused of animal abuse in the past, like when she dyed Sophia's pony's hair for her birthday, but since then, she's been playing it pretty low-key.

  • We just hope Farrah's dogs are okay -- and of course that Starburst is safe and sound too.

    Protect her at all costs.