Farrah Abraham Takes Another Jab at 'Teen Mom' on Twitter

farrah abraham

Over the last several weeks, Farrah Abraham has been so heated when it comes to Teen Mom -- and not just because she was (apparently?) fired from the show. Now Farrah is pissed that Teen Mom got nominated for a Critics' Choice Award, and she's letting the whole world know. 

  • On Wednesday, news broke that "Teen Mom" received a nomination for Best Unstructured Reality Series, which is obviously a huge deal.

    teen mom og cast

    But while fans were celebrating, Farrah was doing the exact opposite -- announcing on Twitter that she didn't think the show deserves the recognition. Ouch! 

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  • Here's what Farrah had to say:

    Wow, Farrah. Tell us how you really feel. 

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  • It's not too shocking that Farrah feels this way, because she's been on a rampage against the show (and the producers) for a while now.

    She's been mad at the way the show is edited, she's been angry that MTV has reportedly shamed her for working in the adult film industry, and it's easy to understand why she would feel slighted. But at the same time, Teen Mom has done awesome things for her in her life and her career -- and it's helped save a lot of teenagers from ending up in her position. 

  • Sorry, Farrah -- we're rooting for the show on this one. "Teen Mom" should be honored for what an awesome show it is.

    And after seeing the series tackle huge issues like addiction and what real mothers go through, we're impressed. And then, of course, who could forget how entertaining this show is?! Honestly, our Monday nights would be so much different without it.