'Teen Mom' Dad Adam Lind Has Been Arrested Yet Again

adam lind

We didn't see Adam Lind on Teen Mom 2 much last season, but we know for sure that what he's been up to lately isn't good. In breaking news that probably won't surprise anyone, Adam has been arrested again

  • According to Radar Online, Adam violated a no contact order, and he was arrested on Tuesday.

    Officer Andress from the Minnehaha County Jail told the site that Adam was held on no bond and is supposed to appear in jail on Wednesday. No other details about his arrest have been shared.

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  • It's not clear what protection order Adam violated, but since he was arrested for the same offense for the order ex-girlfriend Stasia Huber filed last month, it seems like it could be tied to her.

  • We already know that Adam's drug use has seriously cut his time with daughters Aubree and Paislee, so we can't imagine this arrest will help much.

    Last season on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer was open about how she wasn't comfortable sending Aubree to see her dad and grandparents if she knew he was abusing drugs. Now, we have a feeling that this latest development will make her even less likely to send Aubree to spend time with her dad, and so far, it's sounded like Paislee's mom, Taylor Halbur, has been on the same page as Chelsea on this one. 

  • We just hope Adam gets his life together, sooner rather than later -- for his own sake and for his daughters'.