Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer Talk About Expanding Their Family

mackenzie and ryan

Ryan Edwards and his new wife, Mackenzie Standifer, have had a lot going on since they tied the knot earlier this year, but now, it sounds like they're considering a couple of huge life changes. In a deleted scene from this week's Teen Mom OG, Ryan and Mackenzie talked about having another kid. Are they seriously going to expand their family soon?! 

  • In the clip, Mackenzie and Ryan are in the car, discussing a house their realtor found for them.

    They want to live somewhere bigger, where they have more room for their sons to play and for family to come over and visit all at the same time ... and then the topic of more children comes up.

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  • Mackenzie already has a son, Hudson, from her previous marriage, and obviously, Ryan has Bentley. But could more be on the horizon?

    According to their car conversation, it's not 100 percent given that they're definitely going to have another kid, but they want to buy a house big enough that it allows them to if they decide they want one down the road. Hmm... 

  • Considering that Ryan just got out of rehab, it's probably for the best that they're waiting to have a potential third child. That would be so much to take on at once.

  • For now, we just hope these two are enjoying their time as newlyweds -- and the time they spend with the kiddos they have already.

    And if and when their plans change in the future, they better keep us updated!