Kailyn Lowry Teases Plans for Baby Number 4

kailyn lowry

Kailyn Lowry may have welcomed her third child into the world mere months ago, but is she already planning for another baby? Kail just joked about having a fourth kid on Twitter, but what if she's serious? 

  • Kail shared this screenshot from a text with her friends where she was talking about something that happened on her podcast.

    Even though she's clearly joking, we have so many questions. Would she REALLY have another baby? Does she want a daughter? Would she seriously go to a sperm bank?  

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  • It doesn't seem like number four is even on her radar though, according to what she said in reply to a fan:

  • Besides, it seems like Kail loves being a mom to her boys... and so far, she's doing an incredible job.

    Of course, she'd be just as awesome if she had a daughter, but Kail definitely seems like she has a good handle on her three boys -- and they've turned out to be such sweet, smart kids. Whether she has another or not, we don't doubt for a second that she wouldn't trade Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux for the world. 

  • Guess we'll just have to wait and see what the future holds for Kail and her family.

    We know she'll make the right decision!