Bentley's Reunion With Ryan Edwards Creates More Drama for Maci Bookout

bentley and ryan

We knew that this season of Teen Mom OG would heavily feature the aftermath of Ryan Edwards entering rehab for a drug addiction, but we didn't know it had the potential to bring this much drama. On Monday's special bonus episode of the show, Ryan and Bentley got to see each other for the first time post-rehab, but it didn't go the way Ryan planned.


It's understandable that Maci didn't want the cameras around for the big moment -- after all, it was the first time Bentley was seeing his dad since everything happened, and it's very personal. So why did Ryan's entire family have to take her choice as an insult? Hearing them trash talk Maci (the mother of their son and grandson) wasn't okay, and neither was the story Maci and Taylor told about Jeff scaring Bentley at his baseball game.

If they want to be around Bentley, they're going to have to change their behavior... big time. That mama isn't messing around anymore, and why should she? Bentley's safety is obviously her first priority.

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We also wanted to give Catelynn a hug this episode after seeing her make such a huge decision. She and Tyler are obviously having a little baby fever, but it was the right choice to hold off for now. Between their house, their business, and their toddler, they have a lot going on. It's probably not the best for their stress levels to bring a newborn into it.

it was also really cute seeing how nervous and excited they were about their website launch. Are these two the most adorable or what?!

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Farrah finally got to take a vacation after working really hard (and house shopping), and as good as it is to see her let loose, it really sucked that Simon had to show up and ruin her night. Are these two ever going to draw boundaries so we can finally understand if they're together or not? We're so confused. Why does he keep showing up where she is? 

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Our hearts seriously hurt for Amber, though. She was so happy last episode, and then Matt came home and everything changed. Every time she tried to talk to him about something, he turned it around on her, acting like she's crazy -- but then again, isn't that how Matt has always acted? In the end, he stormed off, because that's also his usual behavior.

No word on whether or not he's gone for good this time, but we guess that's what next week's episode is for. We need to know what happens next! 

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