Ryan Edwards Had a Tougher Time After Rehab Than We Imagined

ryan edwards

Now that Teen Mom OG is back, we finally get to see what happens when Ryan Edwards gets out of rehab, and that's exactly what took place on Monday night's new episode. But as it turns out, returning to normal life didn't exactly go how he planned. 


It was really sweet seeing how excited he and Mackenzie were when he finally got to leave after 21 days of treatment, but things at home were pretty difficult. Just because it was Ryan's weekend with Bentley didn't guarantee that he'd see him, but can you blame Maci for being wary of him? Like she said, it's not like she had any idea how he was doing or what even happened in rehab, so why should she think it was safe for Bentley to spend time with him again?

If Ryan wants to have anything to do with his son again, he's going to need to keep Maci in the loop from now on -- and probably stop with those threatening texts. You catch more bees with honey, Ryan... especially this one.

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And then, there was Amber... who finally started to get the hint that Matt = bad news. It was so nice to see her so happy and having so much fun after he left her to have a few days to herself, and it's pretty obvious that Leah wants more time with her mom. With a support system like her brother, Gary, and Kristina, it's easy to see that her life would be so much better without Matt in it.

Of course, now we know that Amber and Matt are WAY over (he's even married to someone else now) but seeing everything play out is enough to make us want to scream at our TV screens. That relationship was never going to work! 

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Farrah's move to LA is officially underway. She seems really happy about it, which is good... but we would never want to trade places with her dad. Having your daughter, her daughter, and several dogs and even a mini-horse move in while they're house hunting? Yeah, no thanks.

Unfortunately, she wasn't able to find her dream house, but it's gotta be out there. She'll find the right place for her, Sophia, and -- of course -- Starburst. She better not rush such a big decision, though. 

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And then, there was Tyler and Cate, who spent most of the episode discussing the two big life changes that are approaching -- their new house, and the decision of when to have their next kid. They both seemed pretty nervous about it, which makes sense. 

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