People Are Freaking Out Over Farrah Abraham's 'Creepy' Santa Pic


Like millions of parents around the country this weekend, Farrah Abraham took her daughter to see Santa Claus. Only, there seems to be something a little bit ... different about this particular Santa. For some reason, he's just not fitting the Santa stereotype -- and fans noticed big time. 

  • Farrah added this photo of Santa and Sophia and said that they were "twinning."

    We're sure this is a very nice gentleman, so we don't want to say anything negative about him personally. Maybe it's the hat. Maybe it's the bushy "angry" eyebrow grooming. Maybe he's too skinny. But he definitely doesn't look like the jolly old St. Nick we're used to seeing this time of year.

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  • We weren't the only ones who noticed.

    Leave it to Farrah to find the "weirdest" Santa possible. What is it about her and her ability to ruffle fans' feathers, even over finding an unconventional Santa for Sophia to visit?

  • Some people weren't so kind.

    Creepy? Well that's taking it pretty far. Keep in mind that this guy is still a person, people. 

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  • And of course someone had to point out that this guy looks somewhat similar to Farrah's new stepdad.

  • You have to admit, he does kind of have a Santa-look about him.


    We actually think Debra Danielsen's husband would've made a better Santa than the one Farrah brought Sophia too. Provided he could keep from provoking Farrah into a screaming match about being respected, that is.