Chelsea DeBoer's Santa Pic of Watson & Aubree Wins Christmas


Taking a baby to see Santa for the first time is almost guaranteed to end in some sort of adorable and hilarious photo, and this is no exception. Chelsea (Houska) and Cole DeBoer took baby Watson to see Saint Nick along with big sister Aubree, and this little guy had the best reaction. 

  • Chels uploaded this photo of her kids visiting Mr. and Mrs. Claus on Sunday

    She only added a simple Santa emoji, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Aubree looks delighted but Watson is just not having it. Who are these people? Why are we here? Why did mom and dad shove me into this lady's lap? Why is that bearded fellow looking at me like that?

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  • We apparently weren't the only ones who thought Watson looked so done.

  • Some people thought he was concerned for Aubs, which is adorable and probably true.

  • But everyone loved the Santa stare-down!

    And how could you not? This is definitely a keeper to be recycled every Christmas. In fact, we're already looking forward to seeing it again next year! And who knows what will be going on in the DoBoer household in another year? With how much baby fever Chels has been having, we wouldn't be shocked to see a newborn Santa visit next year. It never hurts to hope!