Controversial 'Bachelor' Star Marries Her Prince Charming

erica and her husband

Huge congratulations are in order for a former very notorious Bachelor contestant! It's official: Erica Rose is married to Charles Sanders, and she's already shared so many photos from her wedding day. 

  • According to Us Weekly, Erica and Charles tied the knot on Sunday in Houston, surrounded by family and friends.

    The magazine reports that Erica walked down the aisle -- while holding daughter Holland! -- to Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up." The happy couple also had a huge bridal party made up of eight groomsmen and eight bridesmaids, so it seems like they were surrounded with so much love and support during such a big moment in their lives.

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  • Erica also shared a photo of her with her dad, who walked her down the aisle...

  • And with her mom and new mother-in law. How adorable is this family?!

    And how gorgeous is that dress? Erica seriously looked like a princess -- and the moms were killing it, too.

  • Erica has come such a long way since her time on 'The Bachelor.' Remember ALL THE DRAMA on Lorenzo Borghese's season?

    erica on the bachelor

    She was super high maintenance and fans thought she was really over-the-top, but it seems like she's mellowed out since then, or at least a little. After all, she did call herself a princess on the show (assuming right off the bat that Lorenzo would pick her) -- and she even brought her own tiara with her to prove it! 

  • But now, it looks like she and her true prince, Charles, are going to live happily ever after.

    And may she never need Chris Harrison's help finding love again.