Maci Bookout Claims Ryan Edwards Wouldn't Stop Harassing Her After He Got Back From Rehab


And the drama continues surrounded Maci Bookout's ex-friend Ryan Edwards. In a sneak peek for an upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG, the mom of three confesses that Bentley's dad threatened her -- after he got out of rehab.

  • The whole scene began with Maci talking to her husband Taylor McKinney about taking Bentley over to see Ryan for Father's Day.

    It was going to be the first time that Bentley had seen his dad since Ryan entered rehab for drug use last May. Teen Mom OG fans know that Ryan entered rehab after MTV cameras caught him obviously driving under the influence of something, on the way to his elopement with Mackenzie Standifer. 

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  • Bentley had made his dad a gift, and wanted to deliver it to him.

    Maci explained, "I texted Jen [Ryan's mom] and asked them what their plans are and she said they were going to do a cookout or something later and I said I would that bring Bentley by for a little bit but that I didn't want to do this in front of the cameras. It's going to be Bentley's first time being around him and seeing him after rehab."

    Can't say we blame her a bit for not wanting the MTV cameras there! It was bound to be an emotionally charged moment, and with all the animosity that's been brewing between Maci and Mackenzie, an added dose of filming was definitely not needed. 

  • Apparently rehab hasn't cured Ryan from being a jerk.

    Taylor asked if it was Bentley asking to see his dad, and Maci said yes, and also, "Ryan hasn't asked me, all he's done is threaten me for three days about seeing his child."

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  • We hope for Bentley's sake that Ryan got it together.

    It's obvious that Bentley needs and wants a relationship with his biological father. We just hope that Ry stepped up to the plate. And, you know, stopped harassing Maci. Not cool, Ryan. Not cool.