15 Reasons Chelsea DeBoer Is the Reigning Queen of 'Teen Mom'

chelsea houska

Choosing a favorite Teen Mom cast member is like choosing a favorite child. It's nearly impossible! But we -- and the rest of America -- can't deny the fact that we love (like, really love) Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer. All of the Teen Mom ladies have a little something of their own to offer, but Chelsea just gets it. She gets us. She gets life. OK, maybe we're being a little dramatic here, but seriously, there are so many reasons to love Mrs. DeBoer. 


Over the past few years, many of the Teen Mom girls have cleaned up their acts quite a bit, but there's something about Chelsea that just sets her apart from the rest. She's always had a good head on her shoulders. She's an awesome mom. She married an awesome dude. And generally, she and her silly self just make us plain happy. (Ever peruse her Instagram? It's impossible not to smile.)

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From the way in which she turned her life around after dating Adam Lind to how she always manages to crack us up, here are all the reasons we're head over heels for Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer. It's impossible to imagine Teen Mom 2 without her.

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Never change, Chels. Never change. 

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