15 Times the 'Teen Mom' Stars Made Drastic Changes to Their Appearance

CafeMom Contributors | Nov 30, 2017 TV

farrah abraham chin
All Access Photo / Splash News

There's no doubt about it -- the fabulous ladies of the Teen Mom universe are some good-lookin' gals. And in the many years we've been following their ups and downs, their struggles and triumphs, their best and worst moments, it's become clear whenever they've decided to make some drastic changes to their overall appearance. Hey, it's hard not to notice these things when we've been watching certain folks on TV and social media for so many years! 

From ever-evolving hair colors to plastic surgery bombshells to inflated pouts, these gals have definitely gone through some major changes over the time we've gotten to know them. (Or, at least it seems we know them sometimes, right? Ah, good ol' reality TV.)

But no matter what, these lovely ladies prove that whatever it is they decide to do to their look -- a big change, a small tweak, an "enhancement" here or there -- they've remained the gorgeous gals they've always been. 

When it comes to their lives and their goals and their families and their ambitions, it's been exciting and fun to watch them grow and change and evolve in so many ways. So don't judge us if we're going to also notice some other (outward) things that have changed too along the way!

Go ahead and take a trip down memory lane with us as we examine some of the ways our fave MTV stars have mixed up their usual look. And then let us know which one is the best!

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