Mackenzie Standifer Blames Maci Bookout for Ryan Edwards's $10,000-a-Week Drug Habit

ryan edwards

Shots fired. During Monday's episode of Teen Mom OG, Ryan Edwards's wife Mackenzie Standifer basically blamed Maci Bookout for his drug habit. Oh, and his drug habit? Apparently, it was costing him $10,000 a week

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  • While speaking with producer Kiki about Ryan, who was in rehab during the episode, Mackenzie said that he definitely has certain triggers.

    ryan edwards

    Mackenzie revealed that she and Ryan had to do one-on-one therapy. “Oh my gosh. The therapist was like, ‘What do you think his triggers are?’ And I said one name and boy was he ..."

    Interrupting, Kiki said, "You literally said Maci's name and he was already triggered."

    "He's pissed," Mackenzie continued. "Ryan feels like he's been belittled and like he's never been given any credit -- which he hasn't. And the more I think about it, the more mad I get."

  • Mackenzie continued to call BS on Maci, saying that she and Ryan have no communication with each other.

    "All of a sudden it's, 'Oh, I have no communication with Ryan.' Yes, you do, and I watch you sit there and ignore his texts," Mackenzie told Kiki. "Ryan is not a bad guy, and my blood boils because she literally does this for her own self whatever and it really is just pissing me off."

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  • During the same episode, Maci, while talking to her friend, threatened to prevent Ryan from seeing Bentley.

    Talking to her friend Keelie, Maci said that she hasn't heard anything about Ryan or his recovery. "I don't know if he's just looking to do 30 days and come home … or maybe go to a halfway house. I have no idea. I hope those are the steps that he takes because I don't feel like it'll be fixed in 30 days."

    She then added, "I can tell you right now if he comes home before the 30 days [and] then if you don't do what you need to do outside of your recovery as far as Bentley is concerned and as far as staying sober for real, then we're done. It's not just anybody we're talking about, we're talking about my child's life."

  • It's doubtful that Mackenzie and Maci will ever get along, but hopefully both women will be as supportive as possible when it comes to Ryan's recovery.

    The last thing Ryan needs in his life is more drama.