Amber Portwood & Matt Baier's Drama Still Isn't Over

amber and matt

Just in case you thought the drama between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier would be over on Teen Mom OG this season just because they've broken up since last season, think again. Monday night's season premiere picked up right where last season's reunion left off ... especially where their explosive fight was concerned. 


After seeing Amber and Matt duke it out when he called into the reunion, their fight was far from over. Amber still lived with him at that point, so was it really any wonder that she extended her New York trip to avoid him? And once she did make it home, their conversation about ending their engagement was full of eye rolls from Amber ... and as we know, Matt's idea about couple's counseling probably isn't going to work out the way he hopes. 

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Another hot button topic that followed the girls from the reunion to a brand new season: Ryan's addiction. In Teen Mom OG time, he was in rehab, which means we got to see all the drama that went on behind the scenes. Seeing Amber flip out on Mackenzie after she stormed offstage was unreal ... and poor Maci revealing the way she had to explain Ryan being in rehab to Bentley was so heartbreaking. No mom should ever have to have that conversation! 

All hope might be lost for Maci's relationship with Mackenzie, though ... not that she seems too bothered by it. Maci's main concern is obviously Bentley and keeping him safe, after all.

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Meanwhile, Catelynn seemed to be having the least drama, even though Tyler was trying to cope with his dad, Butch, relapsing and having anxiety issues. They got the keys to their new house (those killer wood floors, though) and she got to buy her horse. Catelynn's totally right -- braiding a horse's tail actually does seem like a ton of fun.

We have no idea how it's possible, but Nova keeps getting more adorable every time we see her. How has she grown up so fast?! 

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And now that we know Farrah's days on the show might be numbered, we were really excited to see her segment ... but it was kind of a bummer. To see her make all that progress with her mom only for David and Michael to get into a massive fight at Farrah's birthday party? Not cool, guys. Not cool. At least she and Sophia will always have their frozen yogurt dates. 

We can't wait for next week to find out what's up next. Is Amber finally going to kick Matt out? We need to see the moment for ourselves.

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