14 Times the 'Teen Mom' Stars Looked Like They Had Some Work Done

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Nov 27, 2017 TV
14 Times the 'Teen Mom' Stars Looked Like They Had Some Work Done

jenelle evans

The Teen Mom stars are no strangers to gossip. And most of the time, none of them have any problems addressing the talk head-on! But when it comes to plastic surgery, some of them have stayed extremely mum while speculation runs rampant. On the other hand though, some of the moms have no problems whatsoever admitting they went under the knife. Hey, their bodies, their choices. More power to them!

Of course, there are the obvious ones -- like Farrah Abraham, who appeared on numerous covers of gossip magazines to document her plastic surgery journey. And who could forget Briana DeJesus posting her labiaplasty and Brazilian butt lift to social media? But other women in the group haven't been so eager to talk when the talk gets going. Or they've just denied things altogether, leaving everyone to wonder.

At the end of the day, it's their bodies and their money and they don't owe anyone anything. Sure, they tend to overshare when it comes to most things in life, but we can't fault them for wanting to keep some aspects private. 

From Jenelle Evans's boob job to Kailyn Lowry's full-body makeover, here are 14 times the Teen Mom stars have been accused of plastic surgery. Or have just plain admitted it. Plastic surgery certainly isn't for everyone, but hey, neither are the ladies of Teen Mom. Never change, girls. 

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