Fans Outraged Over How Dr. Drew Treated Jenelle Evans

jenelle and dr. drew

This season's Teen Mom 2 reunion brought the drama, and not even the host of the special is immune. Now that we've seen both parts, fans are livid at the way Dr. Drew about Jenelle Evans -- and some even think that he might be enabling her to be abused or controlled in her relationships.

  • It all started when Jenelle's mom, Barbara, came on stage to talk to Dr. Drew about their ongoing feud.

    We all know that Barbara doesn't like David, but apparently, Dr. Drew thinks she should realize that David is a positive influence in her life because he -- get this -- "contains" her.

    "That's been one of her problems," Dr. Drew said. "She couldn't be contained." 

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  • And as Us Weekly pointed out, fans immediately took to Twitter to sound off about how wrong Dr. Drew was, like in this tweet.

  • And this one:

  • And this one.

    These fans do have a point. There have been rumors that David is abusive in the past, so if Jenelle really is in that kind of situation, hearing that she needs to be contained isn't exactly going to help her to escape it.

  • And honestly, she doesn't need to be contained. She's an adult, after all -- she should be the one to make her own decisions and have the control over her own life.

    That's not her husband or her mom's job, it's hers -- especially as she tries to raise her three children. It's a little scary that someone like Dr. Drew would think being controlled is a good thing, regardless of how reckless Jenelle may or may not have been in the past. She's an adult now, and it's her prerogative to behave however she's going to, even if that behavior might lead to negative consequences. 

  • In the end, nobody really knows what goes on behind the scenes with Jenelle and David, so it's hard for anyone to judge them, even Dr. Drew.

    We just hope Jenelle always feels safe and in control of making her own decisions, because that's the way it should be. And if not? Well, we'd hope that people in her life like Dr. Drew would be the ones to help her find an exit strategy.