Things Are Already Getting Serious Between Kailyn Lowry & Her New Girlfriend


It's only been a few days since Kailyn Lowry admitted that she's in a relationship with another woman, but how close are these two already? The Teen Mom 2 star confessed on a podcast last week that she's in a relationship with a long-time friend, and now insiders have confirmed that she's not only with a woman -- she's falling in love with her

  • Kail confirmed that she was in a same-sex relationship last week to Lindsie Chrisley, on her podcast Coffee & Convos with Lindsie Chrisley.

    The mom of three shared, "We were friends for a year, until it just kind of turned into a relationship. It’s not like she was trying to wine and dine me to ask me to be her girlfriend ... We go out to eat, but it is kind of hard ‘cause I have kids, I have a baby. I’ve never gotten a babysitter and gone on a date."

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  • The woman in question is Dominique Potter, who shows up frequently in Kail's social media feeds.

    Back in September, Kailyn and Dom even referenced their romantic relationship on Twitter. When a fan took a screenshot of Kail's Snapchat feed and asked who Dom was, Kail replied that she was her girlfriend. Dom then replied to the tweet and said people needed to stop referring to her as "just a friend."

  • A source told, "Yes, Kailyn is seeing Dominique, and she’s pretty crazy about her! Kailyn refuses to label her sexuality, she always has, and she’s always believed in falling in love with a person, rather than a gender."

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    And already, things apparently couldn’t be going any better.”Things are going great between Kailyn and Dominique, there’s so much less drama than Kail’s had in previous relationships,” our insider explained. “It’s difficult for them to go out on dates because of the kids, but they spend a lot of time together at Kailyn’s, cooking dinner together and just hanging out.”

  • It looks like the kids already adore her too!

    “The kids love Dominique, and they’ve known her for ages, as Dom and Kail were just friends before falling for each other,” the insider said of Isaac, 7, Lincoln, 4, and Lux, 3 months. Even though they were just friends for a long time, Dom apparently was crushing for awhile.

    The source continued, “Dominique has had feelings for Kailyn since first meeting her, but held back until she knew Kail was in the right headspace for a relationship. It’s still early days between them, but Kailyn is definitely falling in love, and it looks like the relationship is definitely the real deal.”

    We couldn't be happier for Kail and her new love! She deserves it to be happy.