Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin Get into a Screaming Match on 'Marriage Boot Camp'

Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin
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He's finally over it! Javi Marroquin looks like he finally got over any lingering feelings he may have had for Kailyn Lowry. In a clip from Marriage Boot Camp, Javi actually packed his bags and walked out on his ex-wife after they got into an explosive argument about their 3-year-old son Lincoln.


The Teen Mom 2 stars went on the show after their separation in 2016, but it seemed like their motivations were on totally different pages. Kail wanted to focus mainly on co-parenting their boys (Javi is also very close to Isaac, 7, Kail's son with Jo Rivera), while he wanted to potentially get back together.

The argument was apparently over Kail's desire to move out of Delaware to further her career. She graduated from Delaware State University last May with a degree in mass communications, and she's made it clear that she doesn't think she can find her dream job in the state.

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As Kail explained to costars Juelia Kinney and JJ Lane, "[Javi] comes out of the shower and he's like, 'You're graduating this year and you want to move to Atlanta so why does Lincoln have to go with you?'" She added, "I think he should stay with me."

She said that she didn't want to talk about it with her ex-husband just then, and told Juelia and JJ, "I was like, 'Can you just go away? I don't want to talk about it.' He keeps pushing me. 'Well I just think he should be with me, why does he have to be with you?'"

Kail explained that that's when things got nasty. "He's like, 'F**k this, f**k you, you're a piece of s**t," she said. "He takes off his mic and is like, 'I'm going home' and he starts packing everything."

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Meanwhile, Javi was seen with his bags packed, and he told costar Peter Gunz that he was "done" and was headed to Guatemala. He even said he'd call a cab if the show producers wouldn't take him. In a later confessional, he admitted, "I was sick of the same repetitive circle ... Maybe I was just exhausted of everything. I was tired of being in this house, I was tired of seeing Kail all the time. I was done."

We're not sure how it all got resolved, but it seems that these two have been getting along better than ever recently. Hopefully they worked out their issues, and have agreed to be friendly for the sake of the kids. Now if only they can keep it up, they'll be set.

You can watch the whole clip here:

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