Rachel Lindsay Goes on a Double Date With Her Ex Like It's NBD

Rachel Lindsay, Brian Abasolo

stars across the entire franchise have always loved hanging out together when their shows aren't filming, and now, they're even going on dates together. Over the weekend, Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk went on a double date with Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo, and the photo from their night out is so adorable. 

  • According to the caption on Raven's photo, they spent four hours at a restaurant together, because time flies when you're having fun.

    Just in case you think it would be weird for Rachel and Adam, who technically dated on The Bachelorette, to be on a date with their significant others together, it definitely doesn't sound like it was. 

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  • In fact, Raven even added, "I will always be grateful to Rach for cutting the guy with the doll."

    Adam Jr.

    To be quite honest, we totally would have cut Adam from The Bachelorette because of Adam Jr. (pictured above) too, but obviously, it was the right choice for everyone involved. Rachel ended up with Bryan, and Raven ended up with Adam, and everybody is now living happily ever after ... together, apparently.

  • And since "Bachelor in Paradise" united them, it does seem like Raven and Adam are doing really well.

  • And even though some people accused Bryan of pursuing Rachel for "the wrong reasons," they're still going strong, too.

    Even though we love The Bachelor shows for their drama, it's really sweet to see when love actually goes right. Hopefully, they'll keep us updated about any upcoming double dates they might have in the future. We're so intrigued!