Raven Gates Reveals the One Thing She Won't Do With Boyfriend Adam Gottschalk

raven and adam bachelorette

There are some things in a relationship that are nonnegotiable, and for Raven Gates, it's all about the sexy text messages. When they stopped by Dean Unglert's new podcast, Help! I Suck at DatingRaven revealed that she and Adam Gottschalk don't sext -- and her reasoning behind it is kind of cute.

  • Since they hit it off on "Bachelor in Paradise," Raven and Adam have been doing the long-distance thing, since she's in Texas and he's in Arkansas.

    So far, it's working really well for them -- and they make sure they see each other at least every two weeks -- but even so, Raven's still uncomfortable with the idea of sexting. And honestly, we can't blame her.

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  • According to Adam, Raven's far too conservative to text anyone that way ... though it is something he's been trying to break her of.

    Here's what Adam had to say (per People): 

    "Raven [has] a very conservative Southern woman in her. I have to kind of break her out of it. There's tension that starts to evolve over this 14-day grace period. It's something we've always played around with."

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  • But Raven fought back by pointing out that Dean doesn't like sexting either, so maybe it's because they're both "shy."

    But no matter what her reasoning is, we hope Adam supports her. Obviously what goes on in their relationship is just between them, but nobody should be doing anything they're not comfortable with! And Raven's right. It's okay to be shy. 

  • Fortunately, it looks like things are going awesome between these two, and they're well on their way to living happily ever after.

    Fingers crossed they don't let the distance between them get in the way of what is obviously a really special relationship. We're rooting for them!