17 Times the 'Teen Mom' Stars Lived Like A-List Celebrities

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Nov 8, 2017 TV
17 Times the 'Teen Mom' Stars Lived Like A-List Celebrities

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As is the case with many reality stars, sometimes it's hard to remember where the ladies of Teen Mom have come from. After all, these days, the girls are living life. They may have started out living at home with their parents, but now it seems like it's fancy vacations, nice cars, and expensive beauty treatments every other day for the girls. Ah, the life of an MTV reality starlet. 

The girls have all earned their own money in their own right (and at a cost, some may say). But damn! Sometimes, we're shocked at the lives they're all living today. Good for them for enjoying the fruits of their labor (heh), but again: Damn! These girls are balling!

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From Kailyn Lowry's super stunning vacations to Jenelle Evans's gorgeous hair extensions (that are in no way cheap!), here are 17 times the stars of Teen Mom lived it up. To be honest: We're starting to think we're in the wrong field. 

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But hey, all of that drama has to be exhausting. If they have the money to blow on a fancy vacation -- and they clearly need one -- why not? Never change, ladies. 

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