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  • There aren't any other details yet, so we don't know if his daughters Paislee or Aubree were present -- or who he allegedly assaulted.

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  • But judging by what Chelsea DeBoer's been saying on "Teen Mom 2" lately, we have a feeling this means Aubree will spend even less time with her dad.

    Let's face it: Based just on the fact that his drug test for Paislee's mom, Taylor Halbur, came back positive, Chelsea's been rethinking their current custody arrangement. But after this development? That could actually mean a serious change in how often Aubree gets to see her dad -- for her own safety.

  • One thing's for sure: If Adam wants to be a part of his daughters' lives, he's going to have to clean up his act.

    We just hope that he's not too far deep into this lifestyle that he can't make a change. Aubree obviously loves her dad so much, and she deserves for him to be around and to be responsible for her!