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Jenelle Evans's Style Evolution: From Athleisure Queen to Glam Mama

TV Nicole Fabian-Weber Nov 1, 2017

jenelle evans and nathan griffith
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Let's be honest for a sec here. Way back in the day, Jenelle Evans wasn't exactly associated with cutting edge fashion. And while the Teen Mom 2 star still likes to keep things laid back and comfy -- a necessity with three little ones running around -- she's seriously stepped up her style game over the years. And might we just say: We are pretty darn impressed. 

Jenelle definitely still mixes it up a bit when it comes to her clothes (one day it's jean shorts; the next, an off-the-shoulder dress), but obviously she's taking fashion more seriously these days. Maybe it's the popularity she's gained over the years? Or maybe her relationship with David Eason has her wanting to look her best? Whatever it is, it's working and we're here for it. 

From completely overhauling her makeup game to killing it at the MTV Video Awards this year, Jenelle has done a 180 in the fashion department. Long gone is the girl with feathers in her hair and an uber-dark tan 365 days a year. These looks of course are fine (and totally work for some!), but it appears that Jenelle is keeping things a little more simple and -- sometimes -- understated lately. 

Here's the impressive style evolution of Jenelle Evans. It's good, people. Really good. 

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2Ripped Up

Super ripped-up acid-washed jeans, furry boots, and a fluffy parka -- would Jenelle wear this now? Doubtful. 

3Loosey Goosey

Super baggy jeans with a boot cut -- yep, it was 2011. 


5White on White

This definitely isn't something Jenelle would wear today. And remember her blond hair?!

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6Tsk, Tsk

One habit of Jenelle's that will never be in style: Smoking. Yuck. 

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7Prim & Proper

When Jenelle started dating Nathan Griffith in 2013, she went back to her tried-and-true brown hair. And she also seemed to start dressing more conservatively. At first. 

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8Sleek & Sexy

In 2015, we saw a big change to Jenelle's look. She started dressing a little more understated. That said, her hair and makeup still remained more or less the same. 

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9Dewy & Natural

We saw a big change when Jenelle started wearing her hair more natural and changing up her makeup. She looks so different here!

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10Short & Sweet

Of course, Jenelle still likes to go a little over-the-top with her outfits. 

And shout out to that moment she started wearing extensions. 

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11Super Sparkly!

When Jenelle showed up at the 2015 MTV Video Awards wearing this, people were stunned. She looked so different!

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12Understated & Overstated

While this little number might not be called "understated" by most, the neutral color is something Jenelle would have shied away from in the past. It works!

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Jenelle brought it at a 2016 pre-Oscar event in Los Angeles. Flawless!

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15Princess Jenelle

Another awards show, another showstopping, sparkly number from Jenelle

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