16 Times Jenelle Evans's Makeup Was on Point

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Oct 26, 2017 TV
16 Times Jenelle Evans's Makeup Was on Point
Image: Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

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Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

Save for that little (alleged) mishap at a recent taping of a Teen Mom 2 reunion, Jenelle Evans appears to have done a 180 in the last year or so. She seems happy, more responsible than ever, and like she's finally got it together. And also, she's killing it in the makeup department. Not sure if the mom of three watched a couple hundred YouTube tutorials or developed a close relationship with Mario Dedivanovic, but girl's eyeliner and contouring is on point these days.

Jenelle used to be a die-hard no-makeup, hair up in a bun, Victoria's Secret PINK sweatpant-wearing woman. But these days, she's marching to the beat of a super different, super dewy drum. Maybe it's her romance with David Eason that's triggered the change? Or maybe it's the fact that everyone has seemed to up their makeup game on social media lately? Whatever it is, it's working. And frankly, we're eager for tips. 

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From smokey eyes to dewy skin to perfectly lined lips, Jenelle is at the peak of her cosmetics game right now. And we're feeling it. Look out, Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer -- there may be another makeup maven in town*. 

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*Just kidding, no one will ever top Chelsea's makeup skills, but Jenelle? Ya look good. 


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