17 Major Celebrities We Almost Forgot Came From the Disney Channel

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Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

Anyone who remembers the good old days of Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens knows that plenty of amazing celebrities got their start on the Disney Channel. The popular kids' network created tons of original hit shows and films, many of which jump-started the careers of our favorite actors and musicians -- some of whom are so famous now that we may have forgotten how they got started. 


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Disney Channel continues to kick off careers for younger celebrities too, such as Zendaya, Bella Thorne, and Skai Jackson. However, let's not forget that Disney has actually been giving us celebs since The All-New Mickey Mouse Club aired back in the early '90s. 

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Some may even be surprised by all of the stars on this list, because there are definitely some pretty big names. It's insane how far some of these stars have come in their careers and their personal lives. We're sure Disney will continue to deliver stars with amazing talent and potential. 

Here are 16 stars who we almost forgot got their career going on the Disney Channel.