Corinne Olympios & DeMario Jackson Spark Dating Rumors Yet Again



Remember those rumors claiming that Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson are dating after their Bachelor in Paradise scandal over the summer? Well, they're back ... with a vengeance. Over the weekend, Corinne and DeMario went to a Halloween party together, so what's really going on between them?

  • On Saturday night, Corinne & DeMario went to Maxim magazine's Halloween party ... dressed as a biker and a fembot, apparently.

    Obviously, they looked really cute, according to this photo they both shared on their Instagram pages. Plus, in the red carpet photos that surfaced later, they looked pretty cozy -- cozy enough that it doesn't seem like a stretch to imagine they might be dating.

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  • And considering the fact that they've been spotted together recently (like when they went to Disneyland), these rumors seem more and more justified.

  • But according to Corinne herself, there's nothing happening between the two of them. They're just friends. Or are they?

    "We're really good friends and just hang out a lot and I'm super happy to be here with him tonight," Corinne told Us Weekly at the Halloween party. She added, "It's really good that we could just be friends and have no worries about any drama or anything like that."

  • DeMario echoed her "just friends" line, but also added that she's "the most drop dead gorgeous girl in the world."

    If they really are just friends and DeMario keeps saying things like that, we have a feeling they won't stay just friends for long. And honestly? We're kind of here for it. They'd make a cute couple!