Jenelle Evans & David Eason Were Reportedly Out of Control at 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion

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Uh-oh, is the old Jenelle back? On Saturday, the girls of Teen Mom 2 taped their reunion, and according to numerous sources, both Jenelle Evans and David Eason behaved in a downright shocking way. The day after the taping, Jenelle posted a live Instagram video in an attempt to tell her side of the story. "I came here to do a live video ... because of the s**t that happened last night," she started off. And from the sounds of things, the mom of three has a lot of explaining to do. 


"If you haven't heard, last night there was an article that, of course, comes out after I left, [saying] that they had to shut down production and Jenelle and David were acting crazy," Jenelle said, referring to a report on The Ashley's Reality Roundup that claimed a huge fight erupted backstage and David even wound up pulling a knife out at party for the cast. 

According to Jenelle, David, technically speaking, did have a knife, but he only used it to, um, pop some balloons after he was frustrated that he was being denied a beer. 

But apparently, that wasn't the big issue on Saturday. Evidently, Jenelle was upset after seeing her ex Nathan Griffith's new girlfriend, Ashley Lanhart, hug her mother, Barbara Evans. OK, fine, not cool. 

But here's where things get a little strange. Jenelle said that she was always under the impression that Ashley wanted nothing to do with Teen Mom, so she was surprised to see her being filmed backstage. Jenelle said that when she asked why Nathan's girlfriend was being filmed, Ashley started to "cuss her out" to the point where she had to be pinned against a wall and asked to leave.

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Then, as if that wasn't enough drama, Jenelle claimed that Nathan and David got into a screaming match with each other after Nathan's mother, Doris, was rude to her. Jenelle said that Nathan told David, "Say what you want to me!" to which her husband responded, "You're not worth it."

After Jenelle posted her Instagram video, Nathan quickly took to Periscope to say that everything Jenelle was saying was untrue, and then keeping things cagey, Leah Messer simply tweeted, "All I can say is WOW" with the hashtag #teenmom2reunion" after the taping.  So yeah, varying stories for sure.

While we really want to believe Jenelle is a changed woman and David is making her a better person, this story doesn't exactly work in her favor. Guess we'll have to wait and see what really happened when the Teen Mom 2 reunion airs. Thank goodness for those MTV cameras that are always rolling. 

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