Kailyn Lowry Totally Loses It During 'Marriage Boot Camp' Episode

Kailyn Lowry
WE tv/YouTube

Talk about a head trip! Kailyn Lowry was just forced to confront her feelings if something terrible were to happen to her ex-husband Javi Marroquin. In an exercise for Marriage Boot Camp, Kail had to come face-to-face with Javi, who appeared to be on life support with no chance of recovery.


Kail basically lost it during the "pulling the plug" experience on the show. The now-divorced couple decided to go on MBC not necessarily to get back together, but as a way to improve their relationship for the benefit of their son Lincoln, 3. 

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Honestly, for how much they've gone after each other and accused one another of horrible things, we were shocked to see Kail have such a tender and emotional reaction.

Kail had previously written a hurtful letter to Javi, in which she'd stated that she never wanted her sons (she also has Isaac, 8, with Jo Rivera, and Lux, 2 months, with Chris Lopez) to grow up like him. When Dr. V asked her to read the letter to his lifeless body, she flat-out refused.

"Even though I have said the things that I wrote in the letter a million times, it wasn't appropriate in the time and place," she explained. But Dr. V had a different idea. She said, "Seeing him on life support has brought up all these emotions and all these memories. I bet there's still some life in that relationship."

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Kail said her "last words" to Javi, telling him, "I care about you so much, and I never knocked you as a father, and I'll make sure that our son is taken care of." After the scene, Javi told her, "I didn't think you were gonna cry. But I wanted to hear that you're upset."

We seriously doubt these two will ever get back together, but it's nice to see them caring about one another and learning how to get along. It's what's best for the kids, after all.

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