More 'Teen Mom' Stars Hop on the Slamming Jenelle Evans Bandwagon

Nate Beckett/Splash News

jenelle evans
Nate Beckett/Splash News

In case you haven't heard, Jenelle Evans isn't happy lately. The Teen Mom 2 star doesn't like the way MTV has been editing her recently -- specifically her relationship with now-husband David Eason (they're making it out to be "a joke") -- and she's been threatening to quit. Unfortunately for Jenelle, her fellow Teen Mom stars are siding with MTV, and, well, they kind of think she's being a big baby. 

  • Not surprisingly, Farrah Abraham weighed in on the subject and made it clear that she felt exactly zero sympathy for Jenelle.

    Essentially, Farrah said that being on Teen Mom -- and being at the editors' disposal -- is Jenelle's job. "Maybe she should apply to edit the show," Farrah joked to the paparazzi following her. And when a cameraman asked her if she had a message for Jenelle, she said, "Yeah. Who cares?"

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  • Kailyn Lowry echoed Farrah's sentiments, saying, "There's always times we don't like the way they edit things, but that's what we signed up for."

    "Jenelle texted me and told me to keep her name out of my mouth," Kailyn added, saying, "So, I'll just leave it there."

  • It's doubtful Jenelle is going to be happy with what Farrah and Kailyn had to say.

    But hey, wouldn't be Teen Mom if she was. 

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  • Unless you really plan on leaving the show, you may want to stop complaining, Jenelle.

    Unfortunately, it really doesn't seem like anyone associated with MTV is going to take your side.

    Chalk it up to a byproduct of being famous. You can handle this, girl. You've weathered much worse.