'Teen Mom 2' Fans Are Convinced Jenelle Evans Is Pregnant

Jenelle Evans

Is baby number four already on the way? Jenelle Evans just posted another profile shot to her snap story, and honestly, it does look like she's already sporting a sizable baby bump.

  • According to 'Teen Mom 2' fans on Reddit, this photo basically proves that Jenelle is expecting again.


    One user wrote, "Is Jenelle pregnant or is that the wind?" to which another replied, "I'm not saying she's pregnant but if it were the wind, wouldn't some of her hair be blowing in the wind?" Valid point.

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  • David Eason and Jenelle welcomed Ensley just last January -- is she going to be a big sister already?

    Jenelle is also mom to Jace, 8, and Kaiser, 3, and David has custody of his daughter Maryssa, 9. He also has a son, Kaden, that he's fighting for visitation rights for.

    If Jenelle is expecting, that's going to be one full house!

  • Fans also thought she looked pregnant in this photo from her wedding day last month.

    We're not really seeing it, but if Jenelle decided to go for number four, she must've changed her mind since this past summer. She told E! News, "I think we're good. We have a lot of kids together." David added, "We already have so many kids and it's really time-consuming, it's hectic. We don't get that much time for just ourselves."

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  • Then again, there's this photo from three days ago.

    It's possible that this is an older photo of Jenelle, but judging by the fall leaves, we're guessing it's pretty dang recent. While it's totally possible that she's pregnant and not showing yet, we're calling unlce on the baby bump.

    Must have been the wind after all.