Jenelle Evans Under Fire for Letting Son Jace Hold a Gun

jenelle and son jace

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans usually gets a lot of grief for her parenting decisions, but this one has reached new heights. This week, Jenelle let Jace hold a gun, and boy-oh-boy are her fans raging mad.

  • It all started when Jenelle shared this photo of David and Jace hanging out at Boy Scout camp.

    According to Jenelle's caption, David jumped in to help Jace when the other fathers helped their sons, and it was a really sweet moment. According to the comments on Jenelle's photo, this is just another reason she's the worst parent on earth.

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  • Some fans are calling for social services to help, which might be a little overkill.

    We'll admit that it's a bit striking to see a kid Jace's age wielding a gun, but it's a BB gun -- and he's under adult supervision. We doubt he's toting a real gun on a regular day. So why is this such a big deal?! 

  • Fortunately, not everyone was so anti-Jenelle. This follower even shared Jenelle's opinion that it's a sweet memory she'll have forever.

  • Obviously, it's up to each parent to decide what's right for his or her kid, and this is the call Jenelle has made for Jace.

    If he's having a good time at camp with his fam, who are we to judge? But this is Jenelle, and she will always catch hate no matter what she does. Hopefully, she won't let this get to her. You do you, girl.