Javi Marroquin Opens Up About His Current Relationship Status


What's up with Javi Marroquin's love life? Lately, the Teen Mom 2 dad has been flirty with costar Briana DeJesus, but the two of them have never made it clear if they're in a relationship or not. But now that Javi shared an update on his relationship status, we finally have some answers. 

  • According to Javi's latest interview, there's nothing serious going on between him and Briana, despite the fact that they've seemed VERY couple-y.

    "I'm quick to commit to someone," Javi told Radar Online. "But taking it slow, I like that. I see it happening, who knows. We talk every day, she's busy with the two girls and I'm busy working out. We keep in touch." 

    Too busy working out to keep a girlfriend? Hmm... 

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  • And while we're on the subject? Nothing has happening between him and Kail either, even though they've been getting along lately.

    He added:

    "I have love for her, but we're not getting back together. If things were different and things didn't play out the way they did, maybe we could've given it another shot. But too many things have happened to do that."

    Makes sense to us! 

  • We're a little bummed to hear that he's not with Briana though, because they would have been SO CUTE together!

  • But for now, it sounds like he's pretty happy being single -- and if he's happy, we're happy for him.

    "You're not going to meet a girl in Delaware," he told the site. "Everything has to be long distance, which I'm cool with. I'm enjoying myself. Maybe a pretty girl will slide in my DMs sometime." 

    Good luck out there, dude. We know the right girl is waiting for him somewhere! And if she's reading this? Well, go ahead and slide into those DMs.