15 Times the 'Teen Mom' Stars Tore Each Other Apart

Kayla Boyd | Oct 23, 2017 TV
15 Times the 'Teen Mom' Stars Tore Each Other Apart
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Anyone who watches Teen Mom knows that those ladies go through A LOT of drama. Whether it's with their baby daddy, current boyfriend, mom, or other family members, they always seem to have a ton going on. And sometimes that drama can even trickle down into the relationships they have with each other. These ladies have definitely taken their share of jabs at one another. 

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From shady interviews to not-so-friendly tweets, when these ladies aren't getting along, we can tell. Although some of the cast members are really good friends with each other, there are a few mash-ups that haven't seen eye-to-eye for a while (cough, cough Amber and Farrah). 

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Part of the reason people love to watch these ladies is because they keep it real and don't hold back about their lives, and that includes voicing their opinion when they aren't happy with each other. Here are 15 times that our favorite Teen Mom cast members ripped each other apart. It gets pretty ugly sometimes! 

  • When Kailyn said she wouldn't care if Jenelle left 'Teen Mom 2.'


    Recently, Jenelle Evans said she might be quitting Teen Mom 2 due to unfair treatment and inaccurate editing by MTV. However, Kailyn Lowry fired back by telling People:

    "I think we all feel differently. I have to disagree with her statement about MTV. As far as I can see it, you wouldn't have stuck with the show for eight years if that was the case, so I'll leave that there ... I don't care what Jenelle does."

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  • When Farrah called Kail a "fake puppet."


    The Kail vs Farrah drama continued on Twitter for quite some time. It's pretty interesting that Farrah said she wanted to "stay out of the drama," when we're pretty sure she started this particular argument. 

  • When Farrah mocked Amber for saying she was going to quit the show.


    In an interview with Us Weekly, Farrah shared her thoughts about Amber Portwood's decision to leave Teen Mom OG.

    "None of the girls will quit -- they like the attention, need the money and their boyfriends need the money too much to quit. I get Amber is embarrassed of her actions, but she flip-flops and will be right back to filming. This is dramatic. She can quit and not make it public if she really was done."

  • When Kail shaded Farrah's adult film.


    After a Twitter user compared Kail to Farrah, she was very quick to dispute it. Kail said there is "no comparison" between her and Farrah since she never did porn. Whoa

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  • When Kailyn said it's hard to find any good in Farrah.


    After Farrah once commented that Kailyn and Chelsea shouldn't be getting pregnant and having more children if they're trying to be famous at the same time, Kailyn fired right back.

    She told Real Mr. Housewife:

    "The thing with Farrah is that she's so negative all the time. She never has anything nice to say about anybody on the cast. I see her doing big things -- I would love to be able to support her doing those things -- but when she's constantly slamming me in the media and saying things that are so out of left field, it's hard to find any kind of good in her." 

  • When Amber and Farrah fought on television.


    Remember when Amber and Farrah ended up in a massive fight on stage during the Teen Mom OG reunion special? It got pretty ugly! 

  • When Amber called Farrah a "hateful woman."


    In April, in reference to how she feels about Farrah, Amber told People magazine:

    "She's just not a person that I want to attach myself with. I do not want kids today who are watching the show to think that that is a strong woman. That is not a strong woman. That is a hateful woman. That is not what you want to be like. She's trying to be something that she's not."

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  • When Farrah told Maci she shouldn't even be there.


    While on a press tour, Maci Bookout made comments about Farrah being a porn star and Farrah responded by saying:

    "Hey Maci, why are you here? I think you should not be here because you don't want to be here. Bye-bye! My life's not about porn. I have a child too, I see her every day, and it doesn't affect her. If it was about Bentley, that would be something else. Bentley doesn't even know my name." 

  • When Catelynn said Farrah "needs help."

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    Earlier this year, Catelynn Baltierra told People magazine:

    "When you listen to what she says, most of the time when she answers stuff she doesn't make sense anyways. I feel like she needs help, like severe counseling to really figure out whatever's going on -- to help her help herself." 

  • When Leah took the producer's side over Farrah's.


    At the end of 2015, Leah Messer tweeted the preview for the new season of Teen Mom OG and shouted out her favorite characters. She named Maci, Amber, and Catelynn, but didn't mention Farrah. She also added the hashtag #TeamLarry, which showed support for the producer that Farrah was fighting with in the clip. 

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  • When Jenelle commented on Farrah's plastic surgery.


    Back in 2012, Jenelle wrote about Farrah on the website Sulia:

    "Only 21 years old and went under three plastic surgeries already?! That's insane if you ask me!"

  • When Farrah insulted Jenelle's intelligence.


    After Jenelle's comments about Farrah's plastic surgery, we all knew that Farrah wouldn't let that slide. She fired back by telling Rumor Fix:

    "There are lots of teen mothers on MTV who are very not intelligent. And I'm one [Teen Mom cast member] who really works hard, who really educated myself and really cares about people."

  • When Jenelle accused Chelsea of copying her ideas.


    Jenelle once accused Chelsea Houska of copying off of her after Chelsea announced that she was launching her own website a few weeks after Jenelle launched hers. She also accused Chelsea of stealing her idea for developing a skincare line.

    "Monkey see, monkey do...unreal," she wrote on Twitter, but later deleted. 

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  • When Leah shared her thoughts about Jenelle leaving a reunion taping and Jenelle fired back.


    After Jenelle stormed off the set of a Teen Mom 2 reunion, Leah was filmed saying, "Jenelle ran off with her child, who knows. But she gets paid for this, she should be here.”

    Jenelle later tweeted at Leah, writing, "Damn, tell me how you really feel! Haha, I was sick and pregnant with heart burn. You know nothing you're right so don't comment." 

  • When Farrah basically said she was better than everyone else on the show.


    Farrah told Us Weekly that MTV treats her better than everyone else on Teen Mom OG. She said:

    "I get better treatment because I'm a hardworking business mogul and amazing mother who holds herself with respect and keeps production accountable and always goes above and beyond what is asked. And I stay above the trash they have on the show. Sadly, the girls are not taken seriously because of how they conduct themselves, and they're to blame, not me."

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