Javi Marroquin Lays Down the Law With Kailyn Lowry Over Custody

Javi Marroquin and Lincoln

Will their co-parenting feuds never end? Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are at it again, after she casually mentioned that she'd like to leave the state, and he told her to think again if she thought their son would be going with her.

  • Javi and Kail share 3-year-old Lincoln, and he's not about to let her leave the state with him.

    javi and kail family
    Jen Lowery/Splash News

    Kail recently mentioned leaving Delaware once Teen Mom 2 comes to an end, and Javi opened up about that to Radar Online.

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    "I tell her all the time, 'If you want to leave Delaware then be my guest ... but you're not taking Lincoln.' I definitely won't let it go easy if she does move."

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  • Javi also has a relationship with his stepson Isaac.

    Just because Kail and Javi got divorced doesn't mean that he stopped being Isaac's stepdad. He even recently took them both on vacation to Orlando. It's just one more major reason that he doesn't want Kail going anywhere with the kids.

  • Javi said he's not worried she'll up and leave -- after all, she does have three different baby daddies to contend with.

    "I don't see her leaving Delaware because she has three kids with three dads," he stated. She also has Isaac, 8, with Jo Rivera, and Lux, 2 months, with Chris Lopez.

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    Meanwhile, he might be the one who ultimately has to make the decision to leave Delaware, as he's up for re-enlistment in the Air Force. "If I re-enlist it’s another four years," he shared. "I can either stay in Delaware or they move me wherever they want. If not I have to get out and find a Plan B. I would love to reenlist. I'm going to apply to stay in Delaware. The decision lies on that. If I don't get approved, I'm not leaving Lincoln."

  • Meanwhile, they seem to be in a pretty good place, despite all this drama about a potential move.

    javi and kail
    Bennett Raglin/Stringer/Getty Images

    Just a few days ago, Javi posted this pic to his Instagram, and added the caption, "Despite everything that happened between us I'm happy we are at a place where we can go to events ... have a good time and be civil. We're doing a pretty good job raising these kids."

    Keep up the good work, guys! Your kids deserve it.