Kailyn Lowry's New Man Already Made His 'Teen Mom 2' Debut

Kailyn Lowry

Things may not have worked out with Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy Chris Lopez, but she's not sweating it -- and she's already moved on with someone new. And even though her new guy is new to us too, apparently he's been in her life for a while. As it turns out, Kail's new boyfriend has already been on Teen Mom 2


And if you're wondering how you could have possibly missed this, don't -- his appearance was in a bonus clip from the show, not in the actual episode. Kail's guy (who also happens to be her next door neighbor), Dionisio Cephas, was actually at her graduation party, and you can see him in this clip: 

When the party is happening back at Kail's house, you can see Dionisio sitting at a table in the background while her friends are eating cake. Not much of an appearance, but it definitely counts! 

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So far, Kail has kept pretty quiet about her new relationship, but then again, when it comes to her dating life post-divorce, hasn't that kind of been the norm? We may not be finding out any details about this guy for a long time, or maybe ever.

Still, if Kail is happy, we're happy for her. It's not easy being a single mom of three, y'all. And even if Dionisio isn't the one, that person is out there. Now, we just have to cross our fingers he shows up in an actual episode. We need to know more about him! 

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