Farrah Abraham's Next Live Web Show Is So Raunchy We're Speechless

Farrah Abraham

She's back at it! After a stellar success with CamSoda last month, Farrah Abraham is going to do another live webcam show, and this time she's getting even more raunchy.

  • In September, Farrah's CamSoda debut brought in about 80,000 followers interested in watching her show off her girly bits. The site has scheduled her again for October 30, and they are expecting an even bigger audience this time.

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  • Farrah will not only bare it all on the webshow, she's also going to bring out the toys, and even get into anal play.

    The Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom star is no stranger to anal, and it looks like she's going to go there again, at least with a sex toy. Sorry, James Deen, looks like you're going to have to sit this one out!

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  • The site is getting extra support to prevent crashes.

    CamSoda wants to avoid a repeat of what happened last month, when the amount of traffic to watch Farrah play with herself brought the site down. We can only imagine the crowds that will tune in to watch her anal show!

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  • You keep doing you, Farrah.

    As much as some of us may have trouble understanding why Farrah would be willing to this for fame and fortune and not a little bit of notoriety, she's going to unapologetically be her. And she will stick that sex toy where she wants it, and not give a crap what anyone thinks of her.

    More power to her.