Chelsea DeBoer Politely Asks Fans to Stay Away From Her Home

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

The fan love for Teen Mom 2 is so real, but it sounds like it's gotten too close for comfort. Apparently fans have been showing up at Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer's house, which isn't cool -- and as it turns out, she's not the only member of the cast this has happened to.

  • Chelsea's house -- inside and out -- is often posted on Instagram and featured in "Teen Mom 2," so it's pretty easy to figure out where she lives.

    However, some fans take that knowledge a little too far, because this week, Chelsea tweeted asking for total strangers not to come to her house, which isn't really something anyone should have to do, but here we are.

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  • She even asked really nicely, which is a lot more than some people might do if this happened to them.

    It's pretty horrifying to think people could be showing up at your house at all hours of the day when you're inside, trying to keep your kiddos (including a baby!) safe. We can't blame her for wanting it to end! 

  • Then, she proceeded to share a truly creepy story.

  • Even Catelynn Baltierra chimed in to add that it's happened at her house too.

    And honestly, if someone was creeping around our house, we don't know if we could have held our tongues for as long as Chelsea and Catelynn have.

  • Moral of the story -- stalking your favorite "Teen Mom" stars is never okay, no matter how much you want to meet them.

    Let these precious families enjoy their privacy in peace. After sharing their lives with us on camera for so many years, they definitely deserve to let their kids play outside safely!